Pottery Birthday Party

The Pottery birthday party events are fun and educational and can be designed with a wide range of ideas such as work on the potters wheel, hand building projects, sculpting and glazing. A typical party is one session (2 hrs workshop time, 1 hr of party time) where the participants learn a pottery technique, design and build an art project and select the glaze they like at the end. The instructor is a ceramic artist and teacher with years of experience.

We will divide the clay activities for a Birthday Party into two sections. First, the instructor will do a demonstration on the pottery wheel for all the participants and will show how to use glazes and ceramic paint for decoration. Then one group of the participants will be using the pottery wheels, while other group will be painting tiles. The participants will take turns on the pottery wheels and painting tiles. When all are finished with the pottery pieces, they will decorate them with textures and red clay.

Pottery Wheel Throwing: Each participant receives 2 balls of clay to work with. I will do a demo on the pottery wheel to show basis technique of throwing. After they have created their masterpieces, it’s ready to under glaze. The participants will receive instruction how to use ceramic paints and glazes to decorate their art projects.

Painting (Glazing) Tiles: We will guide the participants how to select the right color for your project. The instructor will fire your work after the project is finished to be ready several weeks later.

Cost: $25 per participant (per hour “workshop time”), materials and firing fees are included. $5 per participant (per hour of “party time”) Party food and goods are not included.

Pickup: Drying, firing, glazing and second firing takes approximately two weeks. We’ll call you when ready for a pick up.

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